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Environment Creates Habitat

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Artist. Inspiration. Application

Environment creates habitat.

One of my greatest commitments to Earth as her painter is a vow. I never pollute water.

I honour it highly intelligent.

Water is Sentient!

It keeps me alive, rejuvenates and replenishes my body and forms most of it.

I drink only water, no other and it allows me to paint, create, bathe, cook and play in . . . to LOVE!

I love to live. And life I celebrate.

Its conservation supports all Life.

What I do here in Canada with and in respect to water, food, and land everyday affects everything all over the world in absolutely every way. It all has the knock – on effect of a domino set. We are a set. Whether we can stand that or not!

For me this is a conscious, mindful, loving deliberate act***

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