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About ME.

Vanessa in the Studio.

Focus & Creative Galleries

I am a visual and motivational artist lucky enough to live in the stunning wine and orchard rich Niagara region of Ontario. Love, passion, nature’s inspiration –and the rational desire for happy change is my personal creed and motivational mantra.

The spin is always my own! VB;))

In my creations I enjoy utilizing all types of water-media that lend to rendering a fluid and lyrical expression of my work. As my inspiration is my own internal journey in creation with the Divine, it becomes energized visual prose on canvas. A love story of creator, material, intrapersonal involvement, supposition, and design.


Using water-media in a meditative way by its own nature in ‘reflecting’ mine is the perfect elemental form to bring immediate insight into the current pool of ‘what’s walking in life.’

Energetically malleable – I AM a result of my thoughts. Ingenious or genius I can become. Tangibly I use this to provide Muse Liberal in its essence of form. Message can be received or not but the result is strikingly visual in its own voice and authenticity.

Searching for answers when there seemed to be none found me on a remarkable journey.

The images and the written journey have always been a roadmap in getting well, balanced and grounded.

For me that means “JUST RIGHT!”

The paintings subtly work in providing just about anybody key information about themselves and if open it does not matter where you look!

 Four orientations each picture presents, and in all directions, there is an invite to decipher beginning, middle and end. Colour coded strands of information and light hues attaching to relevant chakras on the individual divas, animals or people depicted in each painting, hold visual communication indicating invitation to look and read Self from the smallest individual forms, one can trace the connections to the largest of pictures out there.

Each tiny figure sizes up and forms the bigger denizens, continuously pointing out the micro in the macro.

I have never once been disappointed in the wealth of information it has given me and it lends itself to every individual I have ever been privileged enough to be of guidance and have helped.

Every painting has also steered me to find combinations of gentle solutions for ME in my own salutations with Mother Earth. 


Mother Earth = M.E. She/He/Them/They/It/We!



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