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If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!

Big BEAR came to me in the park. I hold him strong in my heart.

In the age of Miracles and reason, I painted him five days before, and he was in it in 3D almost immediately.

He respectfully and cordially invited me to watch him as courteously, at PICNIC, 7pm sharp.

I did so in AWE on Oct 1st 2021, my Birthday MONTH where he manifested himself for me.

That is a truly special gift . . . a Bear Visit. It lives in the Angelic Realms, where I have even had Moose walk the busy high Street and pass the side of my house so close I could touch him in a busy town in VT.

A person living on the Bruce told me how lucky I was to see the Bear, as there are only 200 left on the Peninsula.

Do I really know how Magical a gift it is?

I believe I really do.

My Dad told me the day I could understand words; what I instinctively knew then,

IS exactly what I KNOW NOW

When the animal comes, God is here.

When I see Bear, I know Today is my sacred DAY, month, season and it’s been a whole blessed year!

It started with Elephant and Giraffe, Zebra too, then came Whale, Porpoise, Dolphin.

Now I have my menagerie and it’s getting huge, because Rhino, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, are in there too. They are so many there now, I know them all by name and with Bear, Dragon and Tiger I have always been on an intrepid, far outer–bound, inner mind–bending heart felt journey–Safari with Them.

Forget what I’d been taught by humankind; they insisted, theirs was better and it was a mind of their OWN.

I AGREED, with alacrity.

Simultaneously, I signed off on every Safari rule they presented that second there and then or there were never going to be any sweet deals. So, I solemnly spat and joined my blood and saliva with theirs before I could talk and when I was twee.

Before they really got talking with me, I knew very little, for sure . . . and I asked a lot of questions, and along the way I wailed and railed at them plenty too.

They became my Confessors, Holy Friends, Spiritual Pacifiers, and I walk with them still.

I’m still a baby, so I will keep them all very closely by me for now.

I hope you will continue to join us on these pages in some bright questioning FOR UM?

Knowing them well, that’s their keen little joke for me here, and all our Worlds there!

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