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Slavery Presented 2021:FOR UM? Or Sum in Plain Sight!

So! Is this Topic even able to be a conversation?

Perverts drugging animals to be petted, in my books is one pure Conservation Topic!

Bright ideas are simply not the stains of Acid Killjoy Warlocks A.W.K same as ORC.

They are PROOF of MAD Mean and Asinine.

Public Nuisance number One, sadly why you always come around!

This is one way of proving it!

AWKS are born to stupidity, they wear it proudly like Crowns and proves it is difficult to fix stupid.

SLAVERS petting lions! Look at this Don King practicing same! Another fat trumplestilskin destroying saintly lives.

It is not cattle that feed the WORLD; it is her Game that delivers starving people all over the Globe. Famine has struck so what Minds unveil what, is a story in one representation of what did you do in all that big dark?

A Void such as this is really one, when one Loki (Low Key) is present.

In the Americas where are our animals left? Bears are so few, who knows on what icy continent how many are left?

I visioned Bear, Bear came to me, and we made quite a song, dance and paintings galore. I visioned elephant, rhino, big hunting cat when I was small; all came to me as I sat on my father’s lap watching them. Sleeping in the jungle plenty growing up with a thin sheet of canvas between me and them, not one hurt me.

These thank all nature were still Lions and Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Cheetah and even fully roaring . . . toothed, clawed, tusked and lionhearted, in our separate Sovereign States we stood and watched each other in respect.

When a cold, dead black cinder is not waking up, it shows up as evidence in REEL (real) Time.

Just like an unwelcome Covid visit, this gutting, ‘good news processor of Dick’s lies’ shows us the ugly stretch of Oh Void in some people's minds!

This truly disgusting practice has come about and spread. It rhymes with . . . COVID!

Listen to his voice . . . selling treacle to the flies! ‘Comfit with me till it’s all over. . .?’

Sick . . .! When the lion sits on Prattling Prat pray tell why is it the lion killed?

I never did believe in extreme punishments but this is one reason I understood why it came about.

Like I said, Fixing STUPID IS extraordinarily DIFFICULT and that clip proves why.

Folks like this, are a dime a dozen there,here and everywhere; in those nations all hungry for just barely porridge money, money is BIG MONEY!

Importantly it is what he sets up to encourage.

This is SAVERY CHAIN GANGS all jumping to oar and setting ship to import more.

In America these things are already happening, BIG CAT bred for cuddling entertainment?

Psychos! Enough please with your Horror Shows!

Joy, World Peace, Harmony is Diversity in Unity and pure speech between species. The means of two realms intersecting to what?

In the meanest and poorest of ways this is exactly the same as the simpleton Chinese Rubber Dicky Barons after illegal Rhino’s Horn, for all their limp and dead duckies.

These illiterate and superstitious misfits and brain snots think it will make dead dysfunctional muscles pop up; sinister in blood thirst, their superstitions are so mad with death warrants not even a spade can stand up in that eel jelly sandwich, no matter which way one wants to cut it and dice it.

Hail Caesar then came Hail Who?

History is repeating . . . abused is abused.

Millions of animals abused and slaughtered in a land grab by the whitewashed slavers of all, one hundred years ago on many continents is MASS slavery and genocide, by illegal gentry where titles and power are commodities bought and sold all the time.

Untold perhaps yet . . . but those accounts are written FACT and not forgotten by any of us who once lived there and on these pages, there is a door opening to addressing all of that.

In unsightly tight spots we encounter same hungry cur. Small barks boasting Lion’s Courage is purposely havoc, so what’s in it for those places who buy into it too?

Animals are WATCH Citizens of Earth. They prove themselves IN PLAIN SIGHT


Part 2 The unsavory WATCH.

Does anyone like me hope perhaps some good healthy shame might infiltrate such bogus, wah wah, broken, heavy minds?

Big imposable, impossible fines would be a start in some Important Imp’s quarters who could never afford that ill dime but that could not buy back one Lion’s claw.

I would say some unadulterated abuse flung at him and calling the spade very dirty is one way it will start. Also tarring and feathering sick Ducks who go for that jitterbug trap and old Drakul Vapid’s diabolical nonsense, coming round in the Clocks, where even the Bats are joining the conversation!

This traditional safari and healthy animal sponsor agent and writer was born African Safari Brand.

In pure Jungle speech, any dirt born true Earthling Native will tell you . . . is an invention by an alien's mind.

No self–respecting Safari Heart can ever go to those Spaces except to expose a slaver’s mortally illegal trafficking SLAVE pens.

And Safari Cops born, bred and too true we are plenty!

Slaver you are unwelcome thief come crashing into a third even Stranger party and Poacher and Poached have been CLEARLY seen.

So Slow in Development, in Picture Proofs with Sly Voice voice pouring Snake’s boil oil over such prevarications!

It’s always the slow CREEPS . . . they keep showing up so deadly BORING, or so mindless SHOCKING over and over again. Same faces, same voices same sack poor ideas, to clearly show us this is

Master NO MIND.

What goes around comes around;

TRUTH the twisted can never escape.

In Slavery Presented 2021.

Please let's take real action . . . Let us prevent it!

Those who go there . . . what is to experience via such ANIMAL RIGHTS ABUSE?

Yo! Acid Killjoy Warlock AWK guy and visitors . . . you fail all the tests.

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