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Painting Deeply.

It is so much easier to paint and depict the tall stately women swaying in natural elegance as they walk at dawn and dusk to collect water. That crucial essence of life that we in the West are so blessed to have flow out in plenitude at the turn of a tap!

Their graceful forms romanticize the scene for the enraptured artist or form appreciator. Yet there is nothing romantic about having to trapse for hours to fetch water, perhaps not even clean and carry that heavy load back on your head, another in one arm, bent back and heaving, sides laden with vegetables and the babies in tow or in the crook of the other spare arm. All in the hot, hot, brutal, untamed equatorial sun.

Competition with the wild and unpredictable is real. Everyday!

Our big favorites in nature, Elephant, Rhino, Big Predator Cat, Giant Elk, Buffalo, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Ostrich, Croc etc. need that water too!

Much of the Northern parts of Kenya are being overtaken by harsh, arid desert conditions. People and animals large and small struggle for survival and a safe base to land. It is humbling to watch; I have spoken to many who have personally witnessed and experienced life as another could not possibly know it!

I hope my depictions get people to reflect on much deeper issues, that don’t first catch the eye, but tantalize the mind.

My Muse is Earth and the story of The All People, where we come from and perhaps where it is we all care to go.

The art carries the message, and in my calling and traditional healing roles, I find it valuable to leave the interpretation to each viewer. For more info on Vanessa as Traditional Healer, please visit me at

Mindfulness around how we consume water, materials and land is my passion and I am Activist, practicing Traditional Adept and Nature Advocate Plus.

I invite you to peruse at your leisure many ideas and tips in easy day to day active conservation of environment and habitat. These can be found in all the book and blog sections. These are new and recent blogs, but the materials have been collected over several lifetimes.

Please look out for a new adventure and Title to be announced soon in a Book Fantasy Series coming to all great Bookstores near you very soon!

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