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Art, Process and Progress.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Many artists paint! How one floats their voice in unique pitch is also this artist’s ode to the environmentally conscious. My authentic process provides platform for an exceptionally different, unique creation holding its own signature, vibration and gifts its own name!

In the visual art, I re-create and make a lot my own archival paper pulp, which I then mix with delicate, weathered elements found in nature. These are a variety of translucent, dried, pressed flowers, leaves, seeds, and whatever else the wind, garden and nature’s bounty present me with. They all carry textural voice, line and message that create my canvas from the ground up; the foundation upon which transparent washes of rich vibrant colour, are then liberally laid down upon. Gold leaf, ink, pencil, and crayon are added in random strokes and pattern marking movement or focal point.

These spring unplanned, rising off the surface to be seen and enhanced...!

Figures and faces vibrate with a life of their own! Just as you see one form, it transforms into another. The art generates an invitation to dance with Self, whatever the journey... or not... and if the latter is true, gifts opportunity to view, depict and expand something beyond the unseen every day. A flower is extraordinary.

Nature is self–expression.

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