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Muse Enlivens Spirit

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Like music, each Muse enlivens Spirit. It invites and engages conversation in ways that the mundane cannot. My foremost intention is to paint and create for the sheer joy of the experience. I believe that when I do what I love, I am truly well and at peace. These moments create the foundational support for more of those moments.

Of Indian descent, I was born in Kenya at a most interesting cusp of Colonial times! Social change, exodus, political agenda and propaganda are the subject of all my works.

I examine what Life subtly presents verses what is told.

These paintings and the words on these pages hold an illustrated journal of the Traditional Valued in a heart-wisdom JOURNEY through the passages of time – reflecting a deeply personal, dedicated journey into the gates of the Akasha and Cosmos, to become one with Source.

Much is influenced by the Feminine, the mysteriously IMPORTANT IGNORED! The rest is driven purposely by her profound abundance and wealth in all her animals and people. The Masculine of course is featured heavily here! His Story can never really be ignored even if some would like it to go away!

Africa is prominent as Muse . . . after all who would not be inspired by the African Continent in all her grandiose denizens of nature, beauty or her tragedy. It kills you or it feeds you. For me it has done both.

Yet all land, all life, all value is also that.

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