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Art notes; Muse for the Soul. MOTHER EARTH & ME

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

My mantra is Mother Earth. M.E.

Also . . . MY ENERGY.

Many of our disappearing animals are keystone species. Elephant is one. Grisly another. There are several more.

That means other life is dependent on their real footprints figuratively and symbolically.

Human is liberally, devouring space and land to own.


Human print is bigger than dinosaur . . . not Elephant, nor Grisly.

And Earth . . . cannot sustain dinosaur and all the old relics of shame.

There are so few of them and too many of us. Hunting is no fair man’s game, poaching it has become. Guns, hatred of all things not nice, we can see.

Mean poachers, devils on horseback are easy to hate . . .!

But what about you and me?

Our footprint set in mindlessness is too much of so big a destructiveness to sustain, in any way to make sense.

In existence nothing is a neutral force . . . there is only SOURCE or FORCE.

Source feeds us, loves teaches us . . . force kills . . .

Don’t let those words fool you! There is a Jedi, a Shut Eye and a Should I?

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