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An Authors Journal: 4

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

If it GROANS and sinks in the middle. I don’t give up! I go back and redo it twice differently!

Writing a book is like performing. Practice makes perfect. Yet like a theatre director an author has to make an idea visible. Making the invisible, visible can be tricky because it has to also be understood!

So! I must arrive at a singular point, pivotal in organization of my process. How much is too much, what’s not enough and is too little, just rambler’s prose? Like a musician I must set myself a candescence, a thread of rhythm to flow with the beat of the words. Do they flow? Does this story make sense and yet from what outs there not making any, does any story have to? For this writer yes. A dilemma, then! What is dispending belief!

I am always just a learner too so when I go back, I can overthink things and then what a job that can be! Too many copies saved can also end up the Riddler’s morasses in mess!

I have learned to let go if something is not working.

I breathe, drink a cup of fresh mint tea to relax.

A tired brain gathers no muse. Tomorrow is another day and fresh ideas will unwind. I must Trust.

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