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Excerpt One:

Updated: May 3

Shambala Haven, Skye, Avonlea Isles, HODD (Haven’s Ordered Daily Delivered).

The baker’s wife put out the sweetcakes that morning just as she did every day.

Singing lustily, she popped them outside onto a high ledge to cool. There were thirteen in all. Twelve she had set aside for the High King and Queen’s table, and one she kept for herself and her fellow to share and enjoy with the goodness of fair.

Her name was Apple Butter, and she was counting the cats and kittens in the courtyard, who

had put on their finest mittens, believing they could prowl and get fed by any who looked at

them night or day. How she loved those cheeky cats! They were as her children, and they kept the despicable lesser out!

‘Aah . . . with these cats around, the mice will not have time to play’, she said and happily swept her thick ponytail back. It flew like a horse’s mane and flared out in a ruddy, red tail up

behind her, and as she whispered a word, she shone like the sky at sunset before night, and the silver hatpins flashed in her hair. Dame Apple Butter cheerfully handed the order over to the magical fetching cart from Skye Castle, and Milo, its automated limbic orderly, signed for it. Into Number 5 Portal of the luminous gates of the Universal Time Clock to Skye Castle they all went.

The skies blazed with light, and dawn became day.

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