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Intro to book: excerpts from Cake, Loveplay, Santa, Maria and Cohappulations

Space Station: HODD SUBTLE: S.S.H.S

HODD Haven's Ordered Daily Delivered.

Behind the behinds and round–the–bend, struck wreckages of horror minds they left in their wake; strong folk became prey . . . hulled and weakened – lone – floating wreckages to mine! The mesmerizingly, strangely vicious trolls gloated for they carried a powerful curse. Pure pimpled, poxed, cretinous, OUT LAWED, the warcocked creeds rubbed their dislocation hands in savage glee – having successfully, craftily – snuck into paradise!

Ferociously lethal, the vain cockerels, rapacious of Space, in lust filled macabre intentions, cannibals’ lecterns – grew.

Shrunken heads, ancient crude’s slavery pirates – they were nothing as they appeared, and inside that chap’s devastation core, oddly distorted and misshapen, what could be comical?

HOB GOBLIN TROLLS – poisoned, ravening Maws had come to destroy – moreover they had not been recognized – and he was thrilled his new disguises were working. With what he owned now and that Power in Castle he would take over the galaxies and spread throughout the driven Cosmos, and he would even own and control the dead.

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