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Intro to book: excerpts from Cake, Loveplay, Santa, Maria and Cohappulations

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Space Station: HODD SUBTLE: S.S.H.S

HODD Haven's Ordered Daily Delivered.

Beyond the Magical Mists, past Shambala Haven and in Avonlea of Skye the Rulers of Skye were Giants who lived in their Magic Castle and all the beings around them respected both highly for they were the most powerful beings in all the land.

Because of her much–desired ability to understand signs, dream omens and portents to help them remain in good standing, the Queen Avea, ruled equally by King Urt of Middle Exotica in High Fey, but she was all Magic’s Queen and as Forst and Chief Dryad responsible and Prime Ranger extraordinaire, she only gave out special recipes to a few – her Trusted Own and had done no baking herself that day.

The ruling lady was big and considered a large, yet she was petite in size compared to her King, the young Gallant and Brave Giant Urt, a powerful Prime Maker, famous for his cheery, fair nature, breadth of wisdom and beloved by all. A strong, valiant chap and King Charming, he and his Queen, deft Forest Maid, ruled the fair havens of Skye in the long ages of the Eons and the Ago, infinite to Apes and Humans, in the magical lands of Fair, Far Away.

Now in the way of magical tales, one day ‘the Blighter’s’ progeny (his Space prat’s ancestry breeding malevolent and true down the lines as an arrogant, vicious cowpoke), found himself one day – as one can, standing in luck’s precipitous toes and surprised glee outside the gates of this most astonishing Castle.

In appearance he looked nothing like his nasty ancestor but had grown in measures of sly cunning and creed greed – how he got there was nigh on impossible and known as evolution going sideways. But things have a way of coming around in fortunes and employing good country thievery, lies and practical savagery, involving teeth, claw, torture and everyday butchery, this indiscriminate freebooter, found Grandpappy’s derelict old Spaceship, which in good working condition, led to the same crazy Fey place. In split beams and light rays, once lengthways, blown solidly apart . . . alas there he was. At Land US!

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