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Intro to book: excerpts from Cake, Loveplay, Santa, Maria and Cohappulations

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Space Station: HODD SUBTLE: S.S.H.S

HODD Haven's Ordered Daily Delivered.

Rapidly they followed behind the unsuspecting Skye Castle’s trundle Cart – who billowing up the dust on the road saw nothing with all the fat cats sat upon it admiring their fancy mittens. In that dust and under the carriage’s cartwheels those Knaves craftily hid. As it drove along, the bad cat guards – no guards at all were fiercely gamboling, fighting upon it all the way. There were six of them arrayed in mixed colours and true to type, out of sight of the two bakers they biffed and banged each other up. Then they jumped upon that cart lickety split and not only helped themselves to the baker’s fine goods, but they had a field day with the rest of Skye Castle’s most expensive and exclusive orders!

Vaingloriously trusted they were! Shame on that naughty, misbehaving, advantaged lot with big entitlement problems for they were already snacking and gobbling the goodies in the cart, while their good friends, the two bakers were bathing amongst their equally trusting Orcas – innocently swimming by and having a quiet awayday at the seashore. Moreover, the goblins knew the cart and the cats would not be checked again as the two fatsos bathing were yodeling the morning away – already heavily occupied doing something else!

Behind the veils in magical mist where they landed, these stunted knaves, unusual enough to be exceedingly short in the land of Giants were treated as political guests, and soon found themselves in the middle of sunny, friendly Skye carousing, drinking, and eating all sorts of cool fare, during the Free Spring Tide Celebrations.

They were given everything upon entering and made welcome by the local yokels of Fey and loaded with magical beans . . . but what they ate did not satisfy them. In avarice, they wanted it all for themselves. Deeply unsatisfied with all the marvelous free stuff, too foreign and believing it beneath their notice, they soon were off, looking for something more to their tastes to steal from this crazy, undaunted place.

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