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Excerpt Two:

Updated: May 10

The Beginning: The Trouble with Cake and Omnipotent Mother Gaia. OMG!

Skye Castle, Prime Bakers and Beyond.

In this extraordinary place, mysterious magic ruled the Cosmos, and some malignant space rats were illegally spying on the unsuspecting people of the land. How the alien creatures got there could not have been guessed at, nor were they recognised. Twisted by spite, they were lurking with harmful intent at the entrance to the interstellar homes of great giants and spectacular elves who forged the lines of Grandelf Time! The unrecognisable fiends, stealthily hid and watched as those delicious cream puffs of yum rode away nestling in Milo’s generous centre. It was already hot, and Ms Apple Butter had turned away, especially relieved those buns were on their way to Skye Castle. She and her husband Jonas Applebalm baked for the fabulously wealthy and famous High Castle’s eminent patrons. Delivery made, she could not wait to wash that bread and cake flour out of her hair, and she walked in the direction of her large cottage to the humongous lagoon by it. Taking off her robes and putting her large hat aside, she jumped in singing the morning in lustily. Two minutes later, her husband Jonas, the size of a humpback whale from Jupiter, joined her. He was gigantic. Both yodelled loudly.

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