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Intro to Book...

As I heal and transform myself. I come to myself in remembrance of long days gone past. As the centuries catch up with us in our moments of time, we find ourselves again watching another convenience show.

In the Americans hotseat today, and everyday, it never ceases to amaze me how conveniently a war is manufactured EXACTLY at the same time when one of their Republican reprobates is in the hotseat.

It must be obvious by now to all your intelligent wisdom there that is making billions of dollars for you. Perhaps it is time to recognize that nobody is practicing the real work. Citizens of the world are picking up our phones and talking to our Counsellors and our Shamans, bolstering up our minds hearts and health to shore against you.

What is this Jonas whale you have here? It is no white elephant. It is a white giant dinosaur. When is somebody going to take off your eagles head and ask you to deal with your own snake trains instead? What war are you manufacturing now Emp? We have seen the black metal soldier and the two reds that have come. You cannot fool the Mayans.

The King of Tut Tut is here. Inner love lights will be revealed.

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