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Excerpt Three:

Updated: May 17

Salivating in glee and hot thoughts, the strange band of thugs, a despicable lot, would

have followed her, but sights of the forbidden secret entrance had finally appeared, and

blubber husband intervened. The fiends hated clean water; they were afraid of it. It burned

and made them itch – and worse confess the truth unexpectedly!

‘Leave it rats!’ their squat, repulsive leader, an imp with a brute’s face and a rat’s fearsome

genes, said to his pack, thinking of attacking the fat baker and his hot wife, ‘They are coarse,

ugly and lardy! We want them younger, easy or bull strong!’ And because nobody was looking, just like that a fierce gang of gruesome strangers and worse strode into the kingdoms of Avonlea unrecognised. Rapidly, they followed behind the unsuspecting Skye Castle cart with Milo the orderly, jauntily sitting atop, whistling a catchy tune! The cart was billowing up thick clouds of dust on the road, heaving under its goods and trundled noisily along. Neither Milo nor the cart saw a thing except the pleased grins of Apple Butter’s sleek cats sat upon it behind them as guards.

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