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Excerpt Six:

Updated: May 3

At the same time, an unknown member of Skye Castle and the ruling Fey classes had baked a mysterious cake with high magic written all over it, designed for her true lover’s

table. It was a secret recipe and mixed from complex ingredients, intended for the person

specified, and it came with extraordinary powers.

The high Fey’s tables held hidden magics crafted specifically for certain individuals and

forbidden for casual usage by another. The magic required experts of its making to source,

leaven and spell to consume, and its enchanted ingredients could only be ingested by

those it was intended for – never for those careless in taste.

The cake had been carefully put out on a high ledge to cool, out of reach and harm’s way.

With it lay a king’s priceless gift for a person of distinction. The two were awaiting special

collection – one to be iced, the other to go well with that exceptional cake.

The deviant fiends, smelling something truly delicious and spying the priceless gift,

stole both.

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