Love, passion, dedication, inspiration and the desire to succeed is the foundation of success. To hold dear in your heart all that you would aspire to be and do, creates the material of which the outcome is spun. (Artist, Vanessa Brownbridge).

Vanessa Brownbridge Fine Art Studio and Gallery

I am a semi abstract and motivational artist living near the Toronto area and I enjoy utilizing all types of traditional and experimental water-media that lend to rendering a fluid and lyrical representation of my work. As my inspiration is my own internal journey in creation with the divine feminine it becomes energized, visual prose on canvas. Using water-media in a meditative way and by its’ own nature ‘reflecting’ ours, it is the perfect elemental form to give us immediate insight into our current energy signature.

In my work, I re-create and make my own archival paper pulp, which I then mix with delicate and weathered elements found in nature. These are a variety of translucent dried pressed flowers, leaves, seeds, and whatever else the wind, garden and nature’s bounty present me with. They all carry a textural voice and message that create my canvas from the ground up, the foundation upon which, transparent washes of rich vibrant colour are laid down upon, to form unplanned figures and faces that vibrate with a life of their own. Just as you see one, it transforms into another. It is an illustrated journal of the Adept’s sacred heart-wisdom through the passages of time, reflecting in turn, a deeply personal, dedicated journey into the gates of time and the Spiritual Universe, to become one with the All Source. The art generates an invitation to dance with The Divine, whatever the belief . . . or not . . . and if the latter is true, to still be able see something beyond the ordinary. Like music, it enlivens and engages, opens and clears, lifts and expands us in ways that the mundane cannot. My foremost intention is to paint and create for the sheer joy of the experience. I believe that when we make time to do what we love, we find our own powerful voice that inspires others to do the same and look for their own empowered creativity.

Of Indian descent and born in Kenya in colonial times, other works are influenced by or depict tall and stately African women swaying in the foreground or middle distance as they walk at dawn and dusk to collect water, the crucial essence of life that we in the West are so blessed to have flow out in plenitude at the turn of a tap. I hope my depictions get people to reflect on much deeper issues, that don’t first catch the eye, but tantalize the mind.

All originals are also available in smaller, equivalent or larger sizes as museum quality fine art giclees, hand crafted and printed in Canada, guaranteed to last 125 years if kept out of direct sunlight and in the right conditions.